We're closing on our client's childhood home. Over time it fell into disrepair, finally until his father's death. That's when we were asked to help.

The son, a busy professional, didn't have the time nor the ability to do what was needed to bring such a beautiful home out of disrepair.

As an older 50's split-level, the home still had good posture, but it needed new clothes!

We made him an extensive list of what needed to be done to get the home ready...

We started with the kitchen because we predicted that the cabinets would take a while to be made—We recommended a white shaker cabinet with stainless steel appliances, and light granite counters—We changed out the floor to a grey vinyl tile that runs seamlessly into the large foyer with stairs—We wanted light gray wall tones but were conscious of blending the gray with the golden oak hardwood floors. 

Our help:

We went above and beyond duty by doing a lot of the legwork for our seller, texting him possible material selections with our seasoned annotations:

The final results:

All said and done?