Recently a buyer offered $5000 over the #AskingPrice in exchange for the seller to cancel all other scheduled showing appointments.

The buyer WON b/c of our strategy

This buyer offered SO MUCH over the asking price in order to BOX OUT any other buyers from having a chance at it.

This buyer KNEW it was the best match because we had shown them over 15 other properties.

This buyer was the FIRST into this new listing because of us!

WE LITERALLY BEGGED to get our client in to see it DAYS before showings were supposed to officially start.

The property was HOT, and we felt this buyer risked a chance of losing in a multiple offer if it came to that—

So, we advised them accordingly, and they happily ever after followed our advice to offer $5000 over the asking price, in exchange for a guaranteed victory!

The buyer WON b/c of our strategy