Imagine you were living below the PERFECT place for your parents in the same building, and you could get it #ForSaleByOwner at a greatly reduced price just because ya know the guy.

After inspection, would you be asking for a bunch of minor repairs that you could do in an afternoon yourself?

Well, that's EXACTLY what the buyers who had this #UniqueOpportunity did, and they jeopardized their own #GreatDeal.

Now, instead of seeing their parents in the hallway, they have the constant reminder of a deal that they let #SlipThroughTheirFingers.

IF WE HAD BEEN REPRESENTING THOSE BUYERS we wouldn't have let them rock the boat / sink the deal the way they did.

Our seller DROPPED the #FSBO deal and went to the #OpenMarket instead.

Kuzmarski Real Estate listed the unit for $315,000. We had MULTIPLE offers and sold it for $310,000—The #HighestSoldPrice in the complex since construction in 2004.

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