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Did You Know?

90% of buyers start their search on the internet and homes with dark, dreary, or crooked photos get passed over immediately.

Kuzmarski Real Estate boasts unparalleled marketing—We never take dark, dreary, or crooked photos.

In addition to amazing photography, we use property videos, floor plans, and 3D walk-throughs to grab attention and maintain engagement!

Professional Photos

Buyers love looking at great pictures... A lot of them.

Unfortunately, an average REALTOR can't afford more than a few professional photos.

We're not average—There is no limit to the number of high-quality photos we can and will take because our dedicated in-house crew handles all your photography needs.

We use our own high-end expensive professional photography equipment.

In addition, our editing techniques have been refined over many years because post-processing is an integral step to curating those perfect pictures of your home!

Finally, our in-house workflow means faster turn-around times so we can get your home on the market in just two days instead of the typical seven-to-ten!

Drone Photography

Drone photography sets us apart from most of the pack—

In addition to Real Estate agents, we're also designated pilots with UAV licenses. We fly tall buildings in the city, and large estates in the suburbs, all licensed and insured.

Few other Real Estate agents can make that "claim to fame"! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Property Videos

Our property videos help keep potential buyers on the property website longer.

This is good because the longer a typical buyer spends with your property online, the more likely they are to schedule a showing and make an offer.

We encourage you to check out all of our previously completed video productions!

Unique Home Stories

Not every home has multiple stories—but every home has a story!

That's why we work with our sellers to help explain what exactly, in their own words, they loved about living in that home. For example:

Living at 1016 Dempster for 9 years has given us the chance to experience the very best of Evanston. We love our house; it's a warm, welcoming home. We've been able to do a little bit of everything—from hosting get-togethers with friends and family, to enjoying a quiet weekend alone. The location is simply unbeatable—5 blocks from everything the city has to offer, and 10 minutes walking straight to the beach. We take advantage of that every single day. As for the house: 100 plus years of charm and history, unbelievable built-ins and wood work, and the best "bones" you could ask for.

This house is MORE than "just a home", it's an old friend!

Simple, Beautiful Property Websites

The websites we create for our sellers have uniquely targeted pages.

Introduces the property.

Tugs at the heartstrings.

Embeds impressive technologies.

You won't see other Real Estate agents offering property websites like ours because we custom-developed the technology needed to build each and every one from scratch!

Our Real Estate Website

Real Estate websites are often weighed down by a ball and chain because they all feel like they're from the previous decade, or they have the same unpleasant look.

For, we decided to break free from the shackles of bad design and generic templates, because what makes us look good makes our clients look good, too!

We try and keep our website looking modern and fresh as the web evolves.

Final Piece of the Puzzle: Facebook!

So, we've created an amazing internet brochure with custom video and a barrage of photos... Now—How do we get people's attention? By using Facebook, of course!

We market to the home-buying audience on Facebook within a radius surrounding the property address—This generates TONS of leads, that we IMMEDIATELY follow up with.

Join Us on Facebook to see live examples (feel free to give us a like)!

Although only a fraction of Facebook leads will schedule a showing to see your home, the buzz generated helps to get serious buyers motivated and making good offers!

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